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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Storm Damage Pix

The storm damaged the roof of the barn. This is the Southwest corner of the barn and Eugene has had to fix it before when we had a wind storm last year that nearly took off this section in 40mph winds. His fix held in high winds but could not deal with 4 hours of 50 mph+ winds with 70 mph+ gusts. Looks like today Eugene will fix the roof instead of going to market. I believe we have everything needed to put it back together and make it stronger than before. yesterday we bought metal at Carter's Lumber in Eaton, which was open despite having no electric (cash or checks only)

The storm pushed over both of our portable signs. I put the other one back together before thinking of taking pictures but since this one is at the bottom of the hill it did not get immediate attention so I could photograph a bit of the minor sign damage (we lost two "K"'s on the sign up top and this sign was slightly bent). Note the corn lying beside the sign. That is our "lodged" popcorn crop which is not quite ready to harvest. the term "lodged" means corn that has been pushed down by wind, making it quite hard to harvest by hand and pretty much impossible to harvest with machines. There is a lot of lodged corn in western and central Ohio from the storm. By a lot I would estimate at least 60% of the corn is pretty much unharvestable. What started out as a pretty good corn crop in Ohio is quickly becoming a disaster for the corn farmers.

This is one of my favorite trees. It's an old locust tree that was living on our fence/property line. it looked from a distance like some sort of tree you would see on the African Savanna (maybe an accacia). Last spring a big part of it was blown down in a lesser storm and now this storm too the rest. Since it blew down on our neighbor's side of the fence they get the wood

Eugene looking at the downed locust tree.

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Carolyn said...

Sorry to hear about your damage. But glad you and Gene are OK.

We were blessed not to have any damage except a bunch of yard waste.