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Friday, January 08, 2010

Winter Garden Video

A short movie of the Market garden January 8th 2010 going from west to north to east. The first thing you see is the rhubarb patch than dormant raspberries. Next is the salad Hoop House than many beds covered in snow. Than brown asparagus fronds and behind that a hoop house that has leeks in it. More beds than the hoop house with spinach than more snow covered fallowed beds, the highway, the back of the store off in the distance and we are done


Blue Beetle Studio said...

could you explain the hoop houses a bit more.. how big are they? pvc spacing?
And one of them has leaks? Duct tape outta take care of that(jk=)

Lucy said...

do a search using the term "Hoop House redux" and you will get all the information you need. or just poke around this blog, there have to be at least 75 Hoop House posts

No PVC involved, leeks are an allium (and duct tape never works on UV stable plastic, for that there is special really expensive tape)

thanks for reading